Dear composers,

It was truly a pleasure to have a chance to listen to all of your wonderful works, and we appreciate your patience during our judging process. This year we received 737 submissions by 602 composers from 51 countries. We have listed the pieces that we have chosen for mise-en music festival 2015 below.

One of the primary reasons that we put on this festival is that we want to share as many works by living composers as possible; in this process, we also want to create more opportunities for composers and musicians to work together to create meaningful experiences. However, we are unfortunately limited by time and space and thus cannot program as many works as we’d like to. Thus, we have selected 3 additional pieces that we will program this spring as part of our newly created Acoustic+ series, and 8 composers to write a new piece for us.

We hope to see you at mise-en music festival 2015 as well as at our season concerts, and please keep in touch! We plan to have a call for scores for mise-en music festival 2016 in July 2015. Thank you very much for your music and a special thanks to all our volunteer call-for-scores judges.

ensemble mise-en


mise-en music festival 2015
Wednesday, June 10 – Sunday, June 14

-ensemble mise-en (
-Iktus Percussion Quartet (

Selected Visiting Composers and Works

-Adriano Monteiro (Brazil) – Rito soturno (2012, US premiere)
-Alex Burtzos (USA) – He Never Heard That Fleshless Chant (2011, US premiere)
-Alexander Liebermann (Germany/USA) – Échanges (2013, US premiere)
-Antonio Macaretti (Italy) – Tohokami (2012, US premiere)
-Ari Ben-Shabetai (Israel) – TEDARIM (wavelengths) (2014, US premiere)
-Brice Gatinet (France/Canada) – Boson (2013, world premiere)
-Chih-Liang Lin (Taiwan/USA) – Falling Stars (2012, NY premiere)
-Donal Sarsfield (Ireland/England) – The Clapping Piece (2010, NY premiere)
-Enda Bates (Ireland) – Apophany (2014, US premiere)
-Eric Evans (USA) – Homoousios (2012, world premiere)
-Erik Lund (USA) – peace be (2008, NY premiere)
-Erik DeLuca (USA) – A Feild, A Loop (2014, NY premiere)
-Eunkyung Park (South Korea) – Le Verso de la Lune (2009, US premiere)
-Feliz Anne Macahis (Philippines/Germany) – Bellatrix (2012, US premiere)
-Hannes Dufek (Austria) – atem/felder.palimpseste/transkriptionen. (2014, US premiere)
-Haris Kittos (Greece/England) – Dancechase (2012, US premiere)
-Jesse Jones (USA) – Abraxas (2013, US premiere)
-Kenta Masuda (Japan) – Inside Sedimentation (2012, US premiere)
-marco longo (Italy) – L’ora blu (2012, US premiere)
-Matthias Krüger (Germany) – wisp (2013, US premiere)
-Michael Goodman (USA) – Dialectics (2013, NY premiere)
-Mike Vernusky (USA) – Thou (2008, NY premiere)
-Nathan Corder (USA) – Armchair (2012, NY premiere)
-Ryan Homsey (USA) – The Abandoned Valley (2012)
-shiuan chang (Taiwan/USA) – Monk (2014, US premiere)
-Sang Song (South Korea/USA) – Homestretch (2011, US premiere)
-Sivan Eldar (Israel/France/USA) – Tarr (2014, US premiere)
-Weijun Chen (China/USA) – Canoe (2014, NY premiere)
-Will Rowe (USA) – Secessionist Subjects (2013, NY premiere)

-Taylor Brook (Canada/USA) – a new work (2015, world premiere)
-Sam Nichols (USA) – a new work (2015, world premiere)
-Richard Beaudoin (USA) – La fille rythmée (The rhythmic girl) -The Artist and his -Model III (2011, US premiere)
-Lewis Nielson (USA) – lengua encubierto (2011, NY premiere)
-James Romig (USA) – The Frame Problem (2003, NY premiere)

Additional selection for Acoustic+ Concert Series and 2015-16 season
-Taylor Brook: Stagger (US premiere, 2013) – Friday, May 1, 2015
-Christopher Preissing: BLOW (world premiere, 2014) – Friday, April 10, 2015
-Kala Pierson: Shahida (NY premiere, 2009) – Friday, April 10, 2015
-Ryan Carter: A new work – Friday, May 1, 2015
-Beth Wiemann: A new work – 2015-16 season
-Stylianos Dimou: A new work – 2015-16 season
-Texu Kim: A new work – 2015-16 season
-Carl Schimmel: A new work – 2015-16 season
-Matthew Barson: A new work – 2015-16 season
-Su Seungeun Lee: A new work – 2015-16 season
-Vin Calianno: A new work – 2015-16 season

Special thanks to our call for scores judges:
-Aaron Gervais (Composer, mise-en music festival 2014 fellow)
-Adam Mirza (Composer)
-Ben Oliver (Composer, mise-en music festival 2014 fellow)
-Christopher Zimmerman (Music Director at Austrian Cultural Forum New York)
-Jeff Stonehouse (Flutist, Artistic Director of Ensemble Paramirabo)
-Matthias Kranebiter (Composer)
-Mirela Ivicevic (Composer)
-Sukju Na (Composer, mise-en music festival 2014 fellow)
-Veronika Mayer (Composer, mise-en music festival 2014 fellow)
-Moon Young Ha (Composer and Artistic Director of ensemble mise-en)
-Musicians of ensemble mise-en

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